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We at Main Street clearly understand that it is not just finding "a house"... but find the "the house". One that really meets your needs and fulfills your dreams!

You are probably putting a lot of time and effort scanning real estate magazines, riding through neighborhoods, searching the Sunday paper and going to open houses on Sunday after noons. But, believe me... there is a smarter way!

Take a few minutes and complete our Buyer's Dream Sheet, then submit it to any one of our Realtors... you pick... and your Realtor will do the rest!

You will be contacted by the Realtor of your choice, he or she will establish a buyer relationship with you and find your dream home... often even before it ever appears in the magazines or paper.

Glad to help!

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This is really important to allow me to help you figure your mortgage payment with current interest rates. Very important... for me to be able to help you find a home in your price range that will not put you in bind finacially, it is important to know your desired monthly payment and y our down payment.
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I will also assist you in making an appointment with a lender if you need my help. When you go to meet with your lender, just make sure you takethe following financial documents: Your last tow years W-2's for those family memeber that will be on the home loan. Your last two pay stubs from work for everyone that will be on the loan. Last two most recent pay stubs and your last two bank statements(checking, savings, etc.)
Now, pick the realtor in our family that you would like to work with and send your Dream Sheet to your realtor!

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